We can’t believe it’s over! Thank you all for coming/speaking/dancing/reading/performing/playing/acting.

And now, as the post-festival admin begins, we also start looking towards #Cymera2020.

Our post-event survey is now closed but if you still want to let us now what we did well - and what needs improving on next year - drop us an email.

Cymera will return 5th to 7th June 2020.

Cymera 2019 presented…

Author talks, workshops, creator’s hall, open mic, ceilidh, Event Horizon with Shoreline of Infinity, quiz, plays, book groups.

Yes, we went a bit mad but we want this to be the BEST science fiction, fantasy and horror book festival you have ever been to.

Tickets are now on sale, and you can browse our programme below.

Authors A to Z (by first name, cause that’s how we roll)

Adrian Tchaikovsky + Alex McCall + Alexandra Christo + Aliette de Bodard + Amy McCulloch + Anna Smith Spark + Anna Stephens + Ben Aaronovitch + Brian Catling + C.A. Fletcher + Cameron Johnston + Cassandra Khaw + Charles Stross + Christopher Priest + Claire McFall + Claire North + D.A. Watson + Darius Hinks + David Bishop + David Eyre + David Quantick + Den Patrick + Dhonielle Clayton + Elizabeth May + Emma Newman + Ever Dundas + Gareth Hanrahan + Gareth L. Powell + Gavin Smith + Georgina Bruce + Helen Keen + Helen Grant + Jack Fennell + James Brogden + James Oswald + Jonathan Whitelaw + Justina Ireland + Ken MacLeod + Kim Curran + K.K. Perez + Lari Don + Laura Lam + Lauren James + Leo Carew + Lesley Glaister + L.J. McWhirter + Louis Greenberg + Marian Womack + Melinda Salisbury + Micah Yongo + Mike Cobley + Moira McPartlin + Molly Flatt + Natasha Ngan + Oliver Langmead + P.M. Freestone + Peter Newman + Philip Caveney + Rachel Burge + R.F. Kuang + Richard K. Morgan + RJ Barker + Russell Jones + Ruth EJ Booth + S. M. Wilson + Samantha Shannon + Sarah Maria Griffin + Sarah Lotz + S.J. Morden + Tade Thompson + Tasha Suri + Tim Armstrong + Tim Major + Tom Pollock + V.E. Schwab + Vicki Jarrett + Zoe Gilbert + Zoe Marriott + Zoraida Córdova

By Day

Friday 7th June 2019

L.J. Macwhirter, Laura Lam, P.M. Freestone, Melinda Salisbury, Richard K. Morgan, Elizabeth May and a quiz ….

Saturday 8th June 2019

Lauren James, Ken MacLeod, Peter Newman, Anna Smith Spark, Adrian Tchaikovsky, V.E. Schwab, Samantha Shannon and more

Sunday 9th June 2019

Brian Catling, Tade Thompson, Emma Newman, Claire North, Tim Major, Justina ireland, Leo Carew, R.F. Kuang, a ceilidh and more