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Cassandra Khaw and James Brogden
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Cassandra Khaw and James Brogden

The darkest horror comes from within. In the end you can’t escape your own nature.

Cassandra Khaw is writer across multiples forms of media but is best know for her short fiction and horror work. Her Persons Non Grata series (Hammers on Bone and A Song for Quiet) follows a number of characters who hold the key to unspeakable occult horrors within themselves.

James Brogden’s latest book The Plague Stones reminds us that every tradition, no matter how strange, has its origins in truth and that in the end, our past will always catch up with us.

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Chaired by Jim McLeod from #1 Horror Blog, Ginger Nuts of Horror

Running time: 60 minutes

Tickets: £8/ £6 concession

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