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Leo Carew, Den Patrick & R. F. Kuang

There are those who stand apart in society, and it is not easy for them. In fantasy, even if you hold immense power, you may be shunned. These three writers explore what it means to fit in – or not – in society.

Leo Carew is an author and explorer. Hs debut novel The Wolf and its follow-up The Spider, are based in an alternative version of Britain where multiple species of humans have survived the Ice Age and find themselves in conflict with each other.

Den Patrick will be talking about his new novel Witchsign. Set in a world still reeling from a magical war against Dragons, the church has attempted to eradicate the arcane. Their Vigilants will take any who bear the ‘witchsign’ away, never to be seen again.

R. F. Kuang is a Chinese-American PhD researcher whose work focuses on Chinese military strategy, collective trauma and war memorials. The Poppy War and The Dragon Republic follow the last survivor of a minority warrior culture who must come to terms with the terrible powers she can unleash.

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Running time: 60 minutes

Tickets: £10/ £8 concession

Venue: Theatre