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Gavin Smith, Mike Cobley and S. J. Morden

No matter how far humanity makes it into space, conflict, crime and darker things still will follow. Gavin Smith, Mike Cobley and S. J. Morden bring us thrilling tales far beyond the world we call home.

Gavin Smith is the author of The Bastard Legion and its sequels. 400 years from now, the Legion traipse across the galaxy from one job to the next, with the added incentive of bombs in their heads so they don’t disappoint the boss.

Mike Cobley is the author of the Humanity’s Fire series, including the latest novel Splintered Suns, a classic heist on a desert planet for a quarter of a million-year-old prize.

S.J. Morden brings us a chilling tale or murder most foul in One Way and its follow-up No Way. It is a dark tale looking at the lengths one man will go to survive and escape.

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Running time: 60 minutes

Tickets: £8/ £6 concession

Venue: Lomond Room