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Robot Chickens with Alex McCall

Why did the chicken cross the road? TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

The city of Aberdeen is being terrorised by giant robot chickens who want to peck out every last sign of human resistance. The streets are empty, the adults have vanished — and those left behind are fighting for survival. Jesse and his friends are desperate to save their families and stop the feathered fiends. They hatch a master plan...but can a gang of kids REALLY defeat an army of angry robot chickens?

Alex McCall grew up in Aberdeen and has degree in Filmmaking and Screenwriting from the University of the West of Scotland. He has been published in several poetry and short story anthologies, and he is the winner of the 2013 Kelpies Prize for his debut novel. Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens is his first children's book.

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Running time: 60 minutes

Tickets: £5 (no concession)

The ticket for this event includes admission for one child and one guardian.

Venue: Pentland Room